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The 39 Steps

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An adaptation of John Buchanan's classic thriller; a mysterious woman, a murder and a baffling enigma.

Alexander Jones's adaptation of John Buchan's classic thriller. Richard Hannay, having just returned from South Africa, is thoroughly bored with London life - until he is accosted by a mysterious woman, who warns him of an assassination plot that could completely destabilise the fragile political balance of Europe. Initially sceptical, Hannay nonetheless helps her - but one day returns home to find her murdered... An obvious suspect, Hannay flees to Scotland, pursued by both the police and a cunning, ruthless enemy. His life and the security of Britain are in grave peril, and everything rests on the solution to a baffling enigma: What are the Thirty-Nine Steps?

Directed by Alexander Jones; assisted by Lucy Eyles.



Sam Jones as Richard Hannay Poppy Lawrence as Annabella Schmidt Lucy Eyles as Pamela Edwards Hannah Baxter as Margaret

Also starring:

Ruby Valler Esme Harris Martha Fox George Fox Kaya Barnsley Honey Purchase-Rathbone

Start Time

Sat 15th Jun 2024
Cidermill Theatre
120 mins
Recommended Age: