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Mark Thompson Spectacular Science Show

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You think science is boring, think again; this is science like you have never seen it before.

Designed for children and adults alike, Mark’s Spectacular Science Show explores the strange and magical properties of matter with exploding elephant’s toothpaste, vortex-generating dustbins and even howling jelly babies!

Awarded ‘Best Kid’s Show at Edinburgh Fringe’ by The Derek Awards, this interactive show promises to entertain and educate in the most spectacular way!

Mark Thompson, a renowned astronomer, and presenter, brings his unique blend of enthusiasm and expertise to the stage, captivating audiences with mind-blowing demonstrations and jaw-dropping experiments. From exploring the wonders of the universe to unravelling the mysteries of physics and chemistry, Thompson's Spectacular Science Show guarantees a thrilling journey into the realms of scientific discovery.

Sat 9th Mar 2024
Cidermill Theatre
0 mins
£15 - £17